Have You Ever Wondered What Your Pet Was Trying to Say?

Well There's No Need to Wonder Because Tre & Charlie Are Here to Let You Know What Our Awesome Animals Are Saying!


Meet The High Flying Duo!

Your Hilarious Co-Hosts! Tre & Charlie!

They're Not Just Roommates,
They're Best Buddies!
& They're Here to Show You What Pets & Animals All Over The World Are Really Saying! Tre, Your Cool, Calm & Collected Host is Here to Introduce the Amazing Animal Voiceovers and Charlie is Here Because He Doesn't Like To Be Left Out of Anything! Together, These Two Bring You The Best Animal Voice-Over Comedy Ever! How Do We Know? Because RxCKSTxR Created It!


Animals Are Awesome!

And Animal Lovers All Over Would Agree That Not Only are Animals Amazing, But They also Have Big Personalities That Makes Us Love Them Unconditionally! And Charlie is Definitely One of Those Unconditional Love Personalities! But Tre Knows Exactly How to Handle His Lil Buddy's BIG Personality & Together They Bring You Laughs after Laughs with Their Conversation & Topics!


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What's Your Pet Saying?

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Watch The Very 1st Episode On YouTube!

If You're Wondering What Your Pet is Saying, Watch Tre & Charlie as They Give Your Videos The RxCKSTxR Animal Translator Treatment! Get Ready for Uncontrollable Laughs!

Do You Know Who Tre & Charlie's Animal Translator Is?

The Epic Voice Behind The Animals is None Other Than RxCKSTxR. For 2 Years RxCKSTxR Has Been Bringing People All Over the World, Joy & Laughter from His Hilarious VoiceOver Videos. Click Below

Do You Have a Pet Video To Submit?

Do You Want Your Favorite Pet To Be Featured on Our Show? 1st Make Sure That You Are The Owner of The Video. We Do Not Accept Links. You Must Provide the Original Video with the Original Sound, No Added Sounds. 

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